So Spring is beautiful, I LOVE the blossoms, flowers, birds chirping…but in and of itself it’s a little temperamental or ‘bipolar,’ ESPECIALLY here in Utah. One a cold and rainy day, after jumping on puddles we decided to do a fun craft in the comfort of our kitchen/dining room 🙂

I thought this craft was great because the kids got to paint and color, work on their numbers, and then play with their newly created puzzle.

Here is the step by step:

  1. First, get some craft sticks (I used 10), and use some tape to keep them side by side:

Craft 1

2. Then, write numbers or have your kid do it on the side where the tape is:

Craft 2

3. Then, draw a rainbow (or have your kid do it) on the other side of the tape. You can use paint, watercolors or crayons. My  5-year old wanted to use watercolors, and my 3 year-old tried crayons:

Craft 4

(My 14 month-old even got in the action):

Craft 3

…that lasted a whole 5 1/2 minutes 🙂

4. And then voila! Your puzzle is ready!

Craft 5

5. Remove the tape so the kids can start playing with their new puzzle and put them together! Have fun!

Craft 6

La Primavera es una estación maravillosa. Los pajaritos cantan, comienzan vidas nuevas, las flores…florecen, pero tambien la Primavera puede ser algo temperamental. Para esos dias lluviosos, les comparto este rompecabezas de arcoiris para que los niños se entretengan:

  1. Pongan palitos de manualidades (de helado), uno al lado del otro (yo use 10), y pongan cinta adhesiva para que no se muevan
  2. Enumeren los palitos (o dejen que sus niños lo hagan) en el lado en donde esta la cinta adhesiva
  3. Por el otro lado, dibujen un arcoiris (o dejen que sus niños lo hagan)
  4. Pueden usar lápices de colores, tempera, acuarela, crayones, etc. para pintar el arcoiris
  5. Voila! El rompecabezas esta listo!
  6. Saquen la cinta para que sus niños armen el rompecabezas. Diviértanse!

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