Zane and I try to get away on our anniversary every year, just the two of us. No kids 🙂 We take turns planning it (one of us plans Valentines day and the other our anniversary and we alternate every year). It’s one of the BEST things we do for our marriage. It really feels like we are honeymooning all over again 🙂 It’s a great time to have fun, relax, have lots of sex, and plan. We love to talk about our future, our dreams, struggles, fears, even the vainest of things! We review our goals, have quality time together, and have a ton of fun! This year, we used a Christmas gift from my in-laws to use for stay in southern Utah. We realized we love those kinds of gifts, the ones in which we get to spend time together 🙂

This year we tried to keep our getaway as inexpensive as we could, so we:

  • Gathered up all of gift cards, coupons, freebies, and rewards punch cards.
  • Planned to do inexpensive activities, like go on hikes and walks, use the facilities at our hotel, visit places that are free.
  • Took advantage of the free National Park Week at Zion National Park (I’ll write a separate post on this!)
  • Golfed for free (we were able to use a reciprocal benefits program for a membership that my husband’s company with a golf course here in SLC but that has a sister course in St. George).
  • Use grandparent’s Christmas gift coupon for the hotel.
  • Have grandma and grandpa babysit the kids. Thank you grandparents!

I have to admit that for the first day we are away, I always feel so SO weird without my kids. It is surreal not to have little ones following me around, calling me Mom! Momma! Mamita! All day long, wanting attention, water, food, to be held, etc, etc, etc. I miss my kids, but I am a better mom when I come home to them.

Anyway, just thought I would share one of the things that works for us in our marriage, and that we LOVE doing!

Below are some pictures of our adventures this year 🙂

Zane golfing


Golfing in St. George (well, Zane mostly golfed. I cheered, sat on the golf cart, and chipped and putted 🙂


Enjoying the pool at our hotel. Sun and water. My happy place 🙂


Free week at Zion National Park!


More beautiful Zion. We LOVE this place!




We took the beautiful “Inspiration” hike by our hotel and Snow Canyon State Park



The view from our hotel.



For full disclosure, we did some shopping in St. George and found a cute little Native American store. I also found me and Avery some 4th of July outfits on sale 🙂

St George Temple

We stopped by the beautiful St. George Temple. I love how white it is!





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