I think the first time my husband saw me preparing for our little girl’s 1st birthday party over nine years ago he thought I was crazy. Let’s just say that we had different ideas when it came to birthday celebrations. Fast forward a few years later and he realized that birthday parties for my kids were a big deal to me, so being the great husband he is….he fully embraced it! However, I quickly realized that I needed to get organized with my ideas, and most important, stick to a budget so we wouldn’t go bankrupt! (We now have a specific budget for birthdays).

My kid’s 1st birthdays parties have been super fun celebrations where everyone has been invited. Family, friends, neighbors, everyone is welcome! We have people and kids of all ages, yummy food, fun decorations, games, and a great time. Well, with a global pandemic and a quarantine….things changed. We still wanted to celebrate our 1 year old and make it memorable….so we went ahead with the preparations and decided that the theme of the party would be ‘A Quarantine Birthday.’ I ordered a personalized banner from Amazon, we got out our old-and-super-used bouncy house (best investment ever!), and got baking. Our beautiful decorations were the much prized toilet paper, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap. We felt ‘blessed’ having those decorations, hahaha. Even though we couldn’t celebrate with everyone, since we were already spending quarantine with my parents and siblings, we still had quite the party 🙂

I honestly feel like I blinked and my baby turned one. It tends to happen with kids. People always tell you that but you don’t really realize the truth of it until it happens to you. It is so true what they say: the days are long but the years are short. Moms and dads out there: enjoy your kids, the little everyday small and simple things, take pictures and videos of everyday life, not just the big events. Laugh more and stress less. We only have about nine more years with our oldest and the thought of it makes me want to cry! Time will pass anyway, so truly make the best out of it…and lower your expectations while you’re at it! You’re doing a great job 🙂

Much love to you especially during these difficult times, and leave me a comment below so we can chat!

XOXO Nany~

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  1. FunLoveandFamily
    July 26, 2020 at 10:59 PM (2 years ago)

    Have you celebrated a birthday in quarantine this year? Let me know here in the comments. Hugs to you! 🙂


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